The Blessed Bean

Brand development and activation

After developing a brand for The Blessed Bean, we were asked to consider a store design for their Wagga Wagga Store.

The store allowed us to look at materials and palettes, and also consider the flow and patronage of the store.

Visual language of the brand include logos and typefaces
Moodboard we presented for the store
Image of the Wagga Wagga Store

Pop-up store

As the Blessed Bean business progressed, an opportunity arose to develop a pop-up store for the company.

Hail was asked to develop concepts around the store design, including layout, construction details, and manufacture.

The store we designed was a converted shipping container, and we developed unique bi-fold doors to open the store, internal layout, including plumbing and electrical works, materials, store design and signage.

Preliminary moodboard for the container
Preliminary sketch of the container.
Detailed plan drawing for the container construction
Internal details of the store

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New business

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