Arrivals experience

BRAND VICTORIA & melbourne airport

Hail was engaged to create a welcoming experience on behalf of Brand Victoria at Melbourne International Airport. We developed a narrative and a design approach that incorporated the existing visual language of the brand to create a space that was familiar to the audience and welcomed new arrivals to the state. This leveraged off Tourism Victoria’s international marketing campaigns to create a consistent and familiar tone of voice – helping to reinforce the brand and trigger emotional responses.

Hail was responsible for the ideation of the space, sourcing materials, technologies and prototyping together with the full documentation of the site for build. We incorporated LED video walls, integrated calming lighting and audio cues to develop an environment that was engaging without being overbearing after a long haul flight

Arrivals experience

Concept, strategy, development, documentation of interior fitout along the International Arrivals gate at Melbourne International Airport.

2013 – 2015

Our creative approach

Our key objective was to make once vacant spaces work harder at welcoming international visitors to Melbourne.

Having creating various brand and marketing intiatives for Tourism Victoria in the past, we started with a clear understanding of the visual cues used to market the state internationally. We sought to incorporate those visual cues into the spaces, so visitors have an immediate understanding of who is talking to them.

We also focused on gently guiding visitors through the spaces, allowing them to get a feel for Melbourne and Victoria without burdening them with over complicated visual trickery.

Both spaces included interactive elements such as a videowall, QR codes, and unique information stations that equip people with the tools to explore Melbourne and surrounds. Large format visuals also allowed Tourism Victoria to coordinate campaign initiatives, creating a sense of amazement, excitement and reminding visitors why they made the long haul in the first place.

Connection to brand

Considered use of materials aimed to create a calming sense of place, with a subtle level of sophistication. We included detailed tiling and hexagonal devices to create a space break the corridor and arrest the viewer.

Soft curves were added to corner panels, helping with safety and connecting to the Brand Victoria visual language.

Melbourne Airport Visitor Arrivals 2

Stage 2 of the redevelopment was developed in collaboration with Architectus – who were developing a broader scope of works for the airport. This area was positioned immediately after the customs gates and as such posed a few difficulties. The proximity to customs meant it had several security issues associated with it. Hidden glass panels and a clear view were imperative.

The area also needed to calm and entice people to continue walking towards baggage claim as they came through Customs security. The concept was to create snippets of information and houisngs for brochures for tourists to collect quickly.

Tourism Victoria focused on provided imagery of iconic sites as inspiration. We also focused on providing a taste of the architectural design aesthetic in Melbourne at the time.

Stage Two

Stage two coordinated with architectural works in the arrivals hall post Customs and pre baggage collection.