The Blessed Bean


Hail was engaged in 2011 to establish a visual identity for for a coffee concept. Our concept was to develop a brand that had a minimal aesthetic, and a beautiful palette of materials and textures to build a brand from.

Branding and retail design

Development of strategy, visual language and brand identity. Design of retail guidelines and a portable shipping container.

2011 – 2015

Our first objective was to define a strategy for the brand, and after numerous iterations, we develped the following outline which was used to direct the visuals and the internal direction for the staff and brand:

Coffee is our way of life. It’s at the centre of everything we do.
From it’s heady aromas to it’s complex tastes, Coffee takes us to another place. We trial different brewing, roasting and pouring methods to deliver premium coffee to our customers. Every cup we make is a carefully crafted combination of quality ingredients, machinery, education and technique. We believe everyone should know how to make great coffee, and we share our secrets to ignite our deep passion for coffee in others. Coffee is a treasure to be shared, and we aim to deliver a memorable experience in every cup – after all, coffee is the Blessed Bean.

Visual Mark

The visual mark makes represents a coffee bean. It shows the outer husk of the berry grown on the coffee tree and the treasured bean within. The bean reflects the tao ‘ying–yang’ symbol, suggesting balance/harmony, dark/light and as a metaphor for a way of living. It also suggets that bean is the centre of everything The Blessed Bean does.

Word Mark

The word mark is clear and legible. It sits in balance with the visual mark and is elegantly understated, clear and legible, with a hint of a quirky character. It is separated from the visual mark with horizontal key lines above and below.

Colour Palette

In addition to the brand assets, we also developed mood boards to help establish an interior palette for future retail developments.

In late 2015, The Blessed Bean was given an opportunity to develop a new retail store at the Wagga Wagga Hospital. Due to area restraints within the hospital, the biref was to develop a portable, stand alone and lockable shipping container.

Hail was engaged to develop a concept, the floor plan, traffic flow, interior and exterior design. We also provied shop drawings for the builders to work from to produce the finished outcome.