Top Ryde Wayfinding


Hail was hired as a design consultant to develop a range of concepts for the car-parking wayfinding at Top Ryde City Shopping centre. We established a visual language that expanded on the centre’s existing logo and brand assets. Consideration was given to bold graphics, clear communication and bright colours to identify different levels throughout the park and engage with consumers.

Wayfinding concepts

Development of visual language and signage treatments to help define clear pathways across Top Ryde City’s carparks.


Based on the centre’s existing brand, the initial concepts (above) established a visual language for the wayfinding program. These concepts were further explored (below) across several signage applications throughout the centre’s car parks.

The visual language was further refined to suit totem signage to help identify the centre and define clear pathways for access to carparks. Unfortunately these concepts weren’t adopted for fabrication.